About Monarch Beverages
Monarch Beverages is a diversified, international beverage company operating in over 40 countries and offering over 200 products spanning traditional carbonated soft drinks and New Age categories such as energy drinks.


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If you receive a priority mail from Monarch Beverages of Atlanta GA with a check made out to you from Safeco Insurance Companies of Saint Louis MO, or Northern Trust Bank of Chicago IL, be advised that it is a scam. This is not a check from Monarch Beverages, someone is illegally using our name to mail these checks. DO NOT CASH the check and please contact the attorney general of your state to report it.

Exciting new changes for Rush! Energy with the introduction of a version with super-ingredient Maca.
Kickapoo Joy Juice and new additions to Monarch's flagship soda brand making a comeback in the US. Read more...







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